Well I am thankful 🙏

It’s been a long year and a stressful year with the pandemic. Not to say that it is over yet but things are looking up where we live and we seem to have beaten the virus at the moment. It’s early days yet and best not to get too complacent till the vaccine is out.

We are now able to have a few more people visit and as I love to entertain I was able to have my family over and a couple of friends for dinner.

It was awesome to catch up and didn’t realise, as much as I love my solitude I have missed sitting and chatting and exchanging stories.

I cooked up a storm as always as it is another of my passions and everyone enjoyed the meal and the deserts. I took the opportunity to decorate the house for Christmas and for me it was pre-Christmas celebrations.

Here’s to the next month of baking Christmas cakes and listening to Christmas carols and sewing Christmas presents for everyone 🎄


First of the 60’s

One of my dear dear friends turns 60 next week and as she’s going away with her family I decided to have something at my place to make the milestone memorable.

She’s a lovely human being and even though we lived on the same street in Calcutta so many years ago we never really knew each other.

It took our youngest daughters playing district netball to bring us together and we have enjoyed years of laughter and friendship.

How could I not give her something quilted 🤩

Having friends who stand by you and understand you makes life complete. Carina is a loyal friend and a loving friend…. what more could you ask for in life.

Happy Birthday my sweet friend ♥️

ScrapHappy November

Another month of quilting and another month of ScrapHappy 💝

Another month has passed and how quickly has that happened. This year seems to have gone in a blur.

I’ve been busy as always as my love for anything quilting has not diminished 😍

This last month has seen me doing lots of Christmassy stuff & as my sis needed a couple of table runners I scrounged around and found these two pieces of Christmas fabric.

I’ve been practicing doing Pinwheels and these came out quite well I think. My sister is very happy with them which makes me happy too 🤩

I’m posting from my phone and for whatever reason I can’t seem to add the names of my ScrapHappy friends. I am away at the moment and don’t have my laptop with me. Kate did say to draft the post and schedule it to go up today but of course in the course of all the prep to get away I forgot 🤦‍♀️.

🧵Friends are like quilts … they never loose their warmth 🧵🪡🧵

A SHORT STORY 13/11/2018

‘Colours of Happiness’ A short story ;

October 2017 I met a lady called Kate Chiconi at the National Motorcycle Rally in Wooli … it was our first Rally we had attended and Kate & John Chiconi came from Queensland. We met … we chatted ….
2018 John & Kate hosted this years rally in Queensland… which we attended… and from chatting have now become lifelong friends… they are both amazing people and Kate has a gift … not only for making friends but also making the one thing I love …. QUILTS….
We left Mackay promising we will see each other again soon & yes we are seeing each other in February next year 😊
A few days after we got home I get a message from Kate saying she is making me a quilt !!!! You can imagine my excitement & joy …. 😍 She asked me what my favourite colours are and I told her and as she knows my ancestry lies in being Bengali she has incorporated that into the four corners of my quilt ….
She has finished my quilt and has sent me pictures and has aptly named it Colours of Happiness .. ‘in celebration of friendship, motobikes, curry ( which they both love) & Colour.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kate for my lovely quilt which I cannot wait to get my hands on & for your friendship…. it’s beautiful like u 😊
We share a love for motorcycles & curries & quilts … with that combination how can we go wrong !