Within our 25kms

We are at the same spot as we were so many weeks ago … there was meant to be a bit of change in restrictions but alas with a new outbreak in the northern suburbs we have all been pushed back … sad as our rolling average is under 5 and all other states are living with the virus and got it under control.

Oh well not much we can do but do something that lifts our spirits and the one thing we do love doing is riding our ST1300. We are only allowed to go as far as 25kms but at least that’s better than 5kms…

It was beautiful and sunny when we left but as you would have it by the time we came to Frankston beach it started raining… not unusual as it’s Melbourne 😄

Once we got home hubster jumped onto his other ST and took it for a spin as it is going in for a Road Worthy on Friday and then we get it registered so we will be now spoiled for choice when it comes to road trips 🤩

An enjoyable and relaxed Sunday to say the least 🥰


ScrapHappy October

It’s ScrapHappy Day again !!! A day for showing something made from scraps.

And another month here and we are still in lockdown !!!! We are all getting Lockdown Weary now … enough is enough I say … but it’s in the hands of the powers that be 😏

My sewing room at the moment… actually since the start of the Pandemic has been my pool table … my youngest daughter has been working from home and as she’s on the phone all day dealing with customers I can’t be anywhere near … she is using my quilting workspace upstairs…. so it’s the pool table for me now …

I’ve been sewing away very happily everyday .. a few projects in process at the moment and a fair few completed.

I made a blanket for my eldest in Grey as that’s going to be the predominant colour scheme. Left over fabric gave me enough to make a stuffed cushion 😍

Ever since I’ve started quilting I’ve made a list of birthdays and anniversaries in my calendar and marked off who will enjoy handmade gifts. My next picture shows you a Bowl Cosy and a matching Table Runner I have made for a friend. I’m planning a picnic lunch with her at the park as we still can’t visit each other at home due to lockdown… ( all made from scraps of course )

And last but not least a Scrappy Table runner for Christmas 🎄 as my sis wanted something for her house as well

Here’s to the next month of ScrapHappiness 😍

Kate, Gun, Titti, Heléne, Eva, Sue, Lynn, Lynda,
Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy, Tracy, Jill, Claire, Jan,
Moira, Sandra, Linda, Chris, Nancy, Alys, Kerry, Claire, Jean,
Joanne, Jon, Hayley, Dawn, Gwen, Connie, Bekki, Pauline,
Sue L, Sunny, Kjerstin and Vera (me!)

Happy Birthday to my Hubster♥️

It’s not what we have in our life but who we have in our life that matters…

As the years roll by and we get older we appreciate almost everything that happens in our lives. Life is full of ups and downs and that’s the way we keep our balance in this universe.

Family IS life for us and during this time of lockdown we have celebrated all our birthdays in Iso … it’s just been us and the kids and their partners … as that’s all that we are allowed.

But it couldn’t have been better … I have cooked and baked and prepared desserts same as every year but this year I’ve paid attention to the young adults in my family….

Anyone knowing me knows I love people and love entertaining… but somewhere along the line with all the people around and all the entertaining I’ve never had the time to sit with the kids and eat dinner on their birthdays as I’m setting stuff up in the kitchen and seeing to everyone else….. and as they kids are grown up they can take care of themselves…

Well this year has taught me otherwise… I have a dining table that seats 8…. and the table is complete with J, myself, our 3 kids & their partners. Each birthday this year I have prepared dinner for us same as I have done for the past 27 years but this time we have sat around the table … said Grace & eaten together… a feeling of contentment as I look around and count my blessings.

My birthday starts the celebrations in the year in June and J’s brings it to a close in October with the three kids birthdays in between… I like to read things and events in sequences and this is the circle ⭕️ of life for me.

Yesterday we celebrated my hubby’s birthday and I cooked and took pictures and we cut cake and laughed and shared stories of the kids antics as they were growing up and as I walked up the stairs to go to bed they were still sitting chatting and laughing at the dining table and standing on the stairs I listened to them interact. My three have always been close and as they have gotten older they have become friends who look out for each other without being in each other’s face … now they have partners and all three partners get along well with each other as well. My family has grown & I’m very blessed to be able to enjoy this phase of our lives …


Where life begins and love never ends !



Another day closer to home … ride kms 515…. made even more enjoyable as we met up with our South Australian ST members for brunch in a little town called Hahndorf….. again another place that I’ve left a piece of my heart ❣… just 26 kms out of Adelaide… a little piece of heaven… glad we are going to stay there next year for a few days…

We left Port Pirie with bright sun and a few clouds … then all the way through we went through rainy spots and clear spots and then cloudy spots …& then clear again to arrive in Border Town. A slightly longer day than normal but well worth the riding time as we got to have brunch and catch up with friends.

One more sleep till we get home …

8685 kms completed !!!

OzStoc members meet in SA

Reminiscing ♥️



A not so early start today … but needed to beat the 36 degree day meant for Madura… 8am and it was already 20 degrees… rode through and with no trees along either side the temperature kept rising steadily… there was some cloud so it wasn’t too bad … as we crossed the Border from WA to SA for a span of 10 minutes it was 33 degrees & then literally just like that it dropped to 19 … seriously 😳 it couldn’t be more amazing…. on we rode and stopped to drink in the views again at The Bight … so lovely 😊….
Once over the border we changed clocks and now instead of three hours difference between us and home it’s now half an hours difference… between weather & clocks I don’t know whether I’m Arthur or Martha 😃

Again another superb day of riding and happy to relax at the NULLABOR Roadhouse.

7261 kms completed….

2 wheels …. 1 engine…. No limits 🏍🏍🏍

koi no yokan

Premonition of love … the sense that you are going to fall in love

This is the feeling I get every time I take up this quilt to work on. I love hand sewing and hexies are the first thing I attempted and learned when I started on my quilting journey…

The print and colours remind me of Japanese Blossoms.

It’s painstaking work but oh so rewarding… as I add pieces I think of new ways to make it prettier. It’s a beautiful pastel pink and very soothing to my senses….

This is going to be my summer quilt as the material is light and the colours pastel.

A bit of progress… a long way to go yet 🥰

And some more today …


Perth to Geraldton 1st October 2019 … throwback through my pictures 😍


And the journey continues… we go further north this time … another 415 kms ridden today. Clear blue skies and temperatures @ 24 degrees made for very very pleasant riding.

We stopped at THE PINNACLES Desert Discovery…. a unique and spectacular experience within Nambung National Park, 200 kms North if Perth. Rising mysteriously from the sand dunes are thousands of limestone pillars up to 4m tall; a landscape in eerie contrast to the surrounding heath. Some are jagged, sharp edged columns rising to a point; others resemble tombstones… we couldn’t drive up to them as it’s all sand but the walk to the viewing area was spectacular enough.

We pass Jurien Bay and the white sand dunes stand out in the sun. We couldn’t go in as we were short of time… next year for sure … then on to Geraldton and our Caravan Park is right near the beach. Needless to say we managed to take in a beautiful sunset and a stroll before heading back to the cabin where Jonathan cooked us Rice Dal & Mince Tikki’s 😃

4568 kms …..

‘Hodophile (n) One who loves to travel 🧭