Nullawil is a small country town in the Wimmera – Mallee region of Victoria with a population of approximately 300 people on a good day.
On the 5th of July 2019, the local silos in the middle of town became the new centrepiece when artist Sam Bates, aka Smug, took to a cherry picker and commenced painting. Just 14 days later, they were complete.
Prominently featured on this silo is Jimmy the kelpie dog as he sits with a close companion; could it be his owner Darren?

The Dog Tag
As a ‘nod’ to the history of Nullawil the registration disc worn by Jimmy has a ‘galah’ and ‘stick’ engraved on it. The name of the town is derived from two Aboriginal words, ‘Nulla’ which means killing stick, and “Wil’ derived from the term “willock’ meaning Galah.

Nullawil is now the 32nd silo to be included in the Australian Silo Art Trail,

We first saw this in 2019 on our trip across the continent on the motorcycle and had to stop again to see it as it is spectacular 🤩

Still on the bike!


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