7 thoughts on “5th December 2021

      1. It’s pretty hot here today. I cleaned all 3 aircons this morning before it got too hot, and they’re blowing nice and cold, thank goodness. The big one in the sewing room is really efficient! Didn’t manage the Christmas decs, but we did get a big shelf up in the garage to hang the bike jackets from and put the helmets on – much easier to reach everything now!

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    1. How I love this time of year… it never ceases to amaze me how much joy it brings me …. The whole circle of Christmassy chores that really aren’t chores at all …. Always brings light to my soul. The one ritual which is Js is setting up the train set … 😍


  1. Love the little train set especially.
    We don’t put our decorations up until nearer to Christmas but we have boiught the tree and yesterday we went to a Festive Shopping Day in a beautiful town nearby so we’re getting in the Christmas spirit.


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