March Quilting

It’s a wrap …. not as much as I usually do as we are not housebound anymore … there’s a bit of freedom now and weekends are being taken up with motorcycle meets and family get togetherness so I’m going a bit slower than normal 😃

A baby quilt for a little girl being born in July … this one is for my hairdresser
Easter cushion covers for myself
A wall hanging covering part of the wall in my bedroom that has an injury 😄
A set of cushion covers for a friend

Here’s to the month of April 😍



From Cann River to Cape Conran… Marlo (I will visit & stay for sure) to Orbost… Newmerella… Tostaree… Nowa Nowa & then to Bruthen… there to stop for lunch.

We rode through rain & storms yesterday & today we rode through gale force winds . This trip has tried our endurance and riding skills every step of the way !!! The gusts of winds were literally lifting the front wheel of the bike !!! It never ceases to amaze me how skilled my husband is when it comes to controlling our motorcycle through every conceivable situation ! I’m always confident he will know what to do and he never ever fails.

This trip has been amazing as always no matter the weather…. we got to see first hand what Mother Nature can throw at you every minute of the day. It’s lovely when there’s perfect weather but it’s equally lovely to be riding in different conditions 🏍

Road conditions heading to Cann River
This was yesterday heading home

An experience like no other !!!

Cann River

A coffee break

The rain fell all night and has been doing so for the last few days as NSW is gripped in severe storms…
we in O’Connor (15 minutes out of Canberra) had consistent and persistent heavy drizzle…

Time to head out towards Victoria but the weather did not look any brighter than yesterday. We have ridden in rain but never this relentless drizzle which resembles heavy rain when travelling on a motorcycle. Wet weather gear over our normal riding gear makes you feel like Michelan Man to say the least but better to be dry than wet ….

Distance to travel to Cann River is 296kms but with wind and rain it feels a lot longer than that. Needless to say you need to keep your eyes peeled and your senses alert !!
We stopped a couple of times as I was cold and circulation was very poor but oh did I get spectacular pics !!!! Cold and frozen fingers did not stop me 🤩 & taking pictures when it’s sunny is one thing but when it’s rainy the beauty is very very different.

We took a different route this time and rode with hills on either side of the highway. The clouds hung low and you could barely see the top of the hills but the views were no less spectacular…. my visor kept fogging up while the rain poured over it … I had to lift it a crack to stop the fogging so ended up with a very cold wet nose 😄
Five hours later we arrived at this little town called Cann River

Cann River is a town in the East Gippsland region of Victoria in Australia. The town is located on the Cann River at the junction of the Princes Highway and the Monaro Highway, in the Shire of East Gippsland. At the 2016 census, Cann River had a population of 194 people.

Here to stay the night before the home stretch tomorrow 🏍


Bungendore via Queanbeyan for morning tea ☕️ 61km

Ready and waiting to get on the bike
Gathering together to hit the road.
All riding out
There was rain but we enjoyed the ride
At the quaint town of Bungendore
A lovely hot chocolate @ R&R’s diner

Then on to Murrumbateman Hotel for lunch 64 kms

A day well spent 🤩


Melbourne Benalla, Wangaratta,Albury Wodonga, Holbrook, Gundagai, Jugiong, Yass & then SUTTON … here for the next 4 nights for the Royal Enfield club AGM

Sutton, meaning ‘South Settlement’ in Saxon, is a small village in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia in Yass Valley Shire. It is situated on the west bank of the Yass River, about 17 kilometres south of Gundaroo, near the Federal Highway, not far from Canberra. Wikipedia

Leaving Melbourne

We love riding but have never done so in the dark. As we were meant to cover 713kms in a day we left the house at 5am which meant getting up at 4am & we did leave at 5.11am … it was dark but the roads were clear except for some morning traffic.

From this ….

The most amazing part of this journey has been the sunrise. Now I have seen many sunrises & sunsets but never ever have I ridden into a sunrise or witnessed one while riding a motorcycle. It was spectacular to say the least. The feeling of peace and tranquillity cannot be expressed in words …

It’s a feeling of utter freedom and abandonment coupled with a sense of peace 🙏 Gives life a whole new meaning ❤️

To this !!!!

10 hours later we arrive at our destination… longest day ride for me and loved every minute of it !!! A fair bit of exhaustion but exhilaration as well 🏍💝🏍

And now it’s March

I’m a “glass half full kinda person” Life as we knew it came to a grinding halt this time last year …. it didn’t take much looking for me to find some good things….

Here’s a few things that I’ve taken for granted before but now appreciate….

1. Grocery shopping 🛒 . It was always a chore and since I have RA I had to be very very careful… so I reverted to online groceries being delivered to my door… it was a new experience to say the least as my local store is literally across the road from me … But now that we can go again it feels good …. coz I can see and feel everything. Amazing a everyday , mundane chore has new meaning !

2. FaceTime… my parents and sister live three houses away from me and yet I couldn’t visit them. Usually a Sunday evening visit for a cuppa was the routine after evening Mass but seeing as that couldn’t happen we had to revert to FaceTime… modern technology is wonderful where we can have hundreds of miles between us& yet feel we are all in the same room. All birthdays and all occasions were celebrated over FaceTime but now that we can visit again it’s amazing how again taking things for granted makes you appreciate what’s in front of you!!!

3. Hobbies …. now this was something that took up a whole lot of my time…. I had always wanted to start quilting and I did start at the end of February last year . But once Covid hit and restrictions were in place our footloose and fancy free days were over for the time being. I quilted and I quilted and this not only brought me a lot of peace it gave me a whole new meaning to staying home.

I think this last year has been important in so many ways …. it’s made us Appreciate literally everything around us ….

Covid has changed many many lives …. near and far. It’s been a year of trials for a lot & yet we have been able to dig deep and pull on reserves we never knew we had.

I have not bemoaned the terribleness of staying home as I’ve always been a homebody girl.

Happiness to me may not be happiness to you but we have all seen that living without some things has made us happier while other things has made us sadder …. in all this hustle we have actually had the time to look and listen and feel and to ask ourselves do we really need this …..

There is definitely a shift …. we now know what it means to take things for granted.

ScrapHappy March 2021

“These fabric scraps I cut with care,

To form a block… Then two… Then three,

ScrapHappy fabric left over from a few projects. I love the colours and that I was able to play with blocks 🤩

The back

Scraphappy Day is organised by Kate & Gun for anybody who wants to make new things from scraps of any kind – doesn’t have to be fabric or yarn. Here’s a list of participants – both regular and occasional – if you want to have a look at the sort of things you can do with scraps.

Contact Kate (first name on the list) if you want to join in.

Kate ,Gun,Eva, Sue,Lynn,Lynda,
Birthe,Turid,Susan,Cathy, Tracy,Jill,
Claire,Jan, Moira,Sandra, Chris, Alys,
Kerry, Claire, Jean, Jon,Hayley, Dawn,
Gwen,Bekki,Sue L,Sunny,Kjerstin,
Vera( Me!!) Nanette, Ann,Dawn 2 and Noreen