ScrapHappy April

It’s here again … the time of month I love coz I see all the lovely ScrapHappiness 🤩

My contribution this month is another table runner…. 🌟 I find this a lovely way of trying new blocks as it’s not too big and I can see results pretty quickly.

I had bought this layer cake from spotlight . There was only one in the bin and I grabbed it as it was cheap as chips. I made a wall hanging and had some pieces left over so decided I would use it making a runner as these make the best presents as well.

My sis has been using the Christmas runner I made her and she doesn’t want to take it off 🤦‍♀️. So I decided this scrappy one will be hers. Hopeful she likes it 🤩

Here’s to the next month of ScrapHappiness 💝

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18 thoughts on “ScrapHappy April

  1. This is a good one! I like the Delectable Mountain block in the middle. You’ve got the balance of colour right, it’s soft and pretty, and the quilting is definitely coming along! Another time, I’ll talk to you about aligning and keeping your points…

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    1. Yes I know … I definitely need to work on my points … I saw the mountain block on you tube and had to try it out … And didn’t want to waste the block so added it to my scrappy runner 🤩


      1. A whole DM quilt is stunning, but you need to remember that most of the ‘shortcuts’ for making them result in an asymmetric block (ie, not square). Given that, I think you should go for it!

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