koi no yokan #2

This quilt was started at the beginning of October last year. It was meant to be a summer quilt as the colours are light and lovely .

The central part of this block are Hexies … hand sewn with English Paper Piecing. I love making hexies & it was one of the very first things I ever did when I started quilting last year in March. It was the first thing that gave me confidence to try my hand at other blocks and work with jelly rolls & charm packs & my love has not waned at all.

The only thing that holds me back is the pain I get in my fingers and hands as my RA is not the biggest fan of hand sewing. I have worked on and off with these hexies and I’m definite it will be something I will take with me when we are allowed to travel again as the paper pieces are small and the scraps are easy to carry.

Once our little Motor Home is ready and we can travel around Australia again I’ll buy a small sewing machine to travel with. There’s lots of things I can do without on a day to day basis … however NOT sewing once a day at least is not something I can do without 😃

Anyway I’ve decided to border it and will do all the quilting in blocks otherwise it will be too heavy & too cumbersome to work with.

It reminds me of a jigsaw puzzle 🧩😍


My quilt is complete and ready to use. It’s been a labour of love and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

As I went along I saw my mistakes and I will make sure not to make them again next time. Each section has its challenges but I’ve learned as I went along.

I will definitely repeat this process of joining my blocks but I know what to look for to make it easier and a lot neater.

On a brighter note my FMQ process is getting better and better and I’m very happy with that. It is called Free Motion so my patterns are completely free flowing… seeing as I do each block separately there not much stress to hands which is awesome 😎

I present my bright & beautiful LUDO. Please look past the obvious mistakes 😅

The Back
FMQ on the back
Added to my collection 😍

My oh so happy place 🧵🤩🧵

ScrapHappy August 2021

Another month gone by & lots of sewing and scrappiness from my end. We are still in lockdown 🤦‍♀️ & if nothing else it’s always the best time to see & keep my mind & hands occupied.

Being creative is wonderful… to see things slowly emerge from little pieces of scraps is wonderful 😍 & when those little scraps become a whole thing it’s the ultimate 🧵

This quilt is completely scrappy & is recycling at its best 🤩 I have a fair few quilt covers and as the years have gone by I use some more often than others. This cover belonged to one of the kids and as it’s not used anymore I was definitely NOT going to throw it out or give it away. We all know how expensive fabric is & when you have a whole cupboard full of cotton quilt covers how can you go wrong.

This quilt is one of my favourite ways of quilting… yes … RAG QUILTING 💝 Its easy and oh so effective. I’m still getting used to naming my quilts & I haven’t gotten around to actually giving it a name …. But seeing it on my bed & running my hands over it’s softness makes me super happy 😊

ScrapHappy is open to anyone using up scraps of anything – no new materials. It can be a quilt block, pincushion, bag or hat, socks or a sculpture. Anything made of genuine scraps is eligible. If your scrap collection is out of control and you’d like to turn them into something beautiful or useful instead of leaving them to collect dust in the cupboard, why not join us on the 15th of each month? Either email Kate at the address on her Contact Me page, or leave a comment below. You can also contact Gun via her blog to join.

Here are the links for everyone who joins ScrapHappy from time to time (they may not post every time, but their blogs are still worth looking at).

Kate , Gun, Eva, Sue, Lynn, Lynda,
Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy, Tracy, Jill,
Claire, Jan, Moira, Sandra, Chris, Alys,
Kerry, Claire, Jean, Jon, Hayley, Dawn,
Gwen, Bekki, Sue L, Sunny, Kjerstin,
Vera( Me !) Nanette, Ann, Dawn 2, Bear,
Carol, Preeti, Edith and Debbierose

See you all next month for more ScrapHappiness 🤩

LUDO …. Pachisi

The game which I played a lot when I was a child has always been my favourite. The board is coloured with Red Blue Green & Blue.

It’s these colours that are very prominent in this quilt and makes me think of the game Ludo 🤩

My love of creating has brought about this quilt. its early days yet but all the blocks have been created and I’ve laid them out and I like what I see.

The colours are bold bright & oh so beautiful. As always I’m always working with limited pieces and need to mix and match so that I can get a decent sized quilt.

As always I was going one way & then as I worked I decided to break away from the formal to the informal.

Getting colours to blend and become one is a job not to take lightly & as time passes I’m getting slowly better at getting them to mix cohesively. I love primary colours & seeing them sit well together makes me happy.

And here I present….

Now to start the quilting process … I’ve got lots to do around the house today and am hoping I can sit and sew 🧵…. I’ll post again as soon as I’m done ❤️

Old Things & New ✔️

This is the way of life…. There’s old & there’s new.I have a healthy appreciation of old as there’s so much history always attached to it along with love & nostalgia 🥰

I also love New…. It’s collecting history as each day passes…. New things that look old or have an ‘oldish’ feel to it also attracts me.

As all my posts are mostly about travel or quilting…. Surprise surprise it’s about quilting 🤩

The first on my list today is a new block …. I have a few fat quarters and a plain jelly roll which I got at a brilliant price from the US… I’m getting better (albeit by my own admission 😄) with colour combinations… I like this block and the others will be pretty close in colours & the pattern will stay the same.

This is the New…

The second is my iron…. It’s an oldie but a Goldie… Without a word of lie this iron is 50 years old!!!! My mum had always wanted to have a trousseau for both my little sis & myself and one of the first things she bought from her travels to Japan was this iron. The only thing that has ever been changed over the years has been the cord. This was given to me when I got married 28 years ago and it’s been used every day since then. It now sits at my sewing table and is used to iron my fabric & my blocks. My heart will break when it does eventually go but it’s had a very full life ☺️

The old ….

The last but by no means the least is the thread stand I bought from Amazon. I absolutely LOVE ❤️ it 😍 It’s got the ‘old’ feel to it even though it’s new. I need to buy more colours in thread but now I can see what I have instead of scrounging around in the drawer & the best part the thread does not get tangled!!

A beautiful day for me 🥰



Bright… Cheerful …Hopeful …Optimistic Promising….

Words I think of when I look at these colours.

A quilt inspired by my friend Kate. She is the one who gave me the courage to get started and keeps encouraging me each and every time.

Her latest quilt “Twilight” has stars in my eyes and following her latest blog I thought it would be a wonderful way to tutor myself into making a similar one for myself.

Now believe me I am her ardent follower but by no means am I even close to her level of skill and expertise….

I started with the same window blocks but added another row. I have followed the patterns as best I can seeing as I have limited colours to work with.

I’ve planned this quilt the two jelly rolls I picked up at half price from spotlight… I had left over squares in blue from a previous project and it seems like it’s worked.

I’ve enjoyed making the blocks and putting them together… I’ve used a simple QAYG method and it seems to have worked ….

The border is in blue as I’ve run out of the pinkish colours in the jelly roll. The blue seems to bring out the pink in the quilt so I’m happy…

Without further ado I present ….

The colours are bright and beautiful and pretty 😍


All aspects of Colbinabbin and it’s colourful history incorporated into one a massive six-silos-wide incredible masterpiece.

Colbinabbin is a small rural farming township nestled in Shiraz grape growing country, between Bendigo, Shepparton and Echuca.

In 2019 the community were successful in their funding bid to paint all six silos running adjacent to the main street. Renowned mural artist Tim Bowtell spent almost three months painting; featuring Colbo’s Farmers Picnic on the Hill (late 1800s), train and railway station, ‘Lulu’ the fire trucks, the much loved and utilised recreation reserve and the Colbo tractor pull (late 1980s).

And as always the sun comes out for me 😍

By far the most colourful Silo Art I’ve seen so far .

As always worth every minute!