You will need more than a keen sense of adventure to tackle the Billy Goat Bluff Track. The iconic track is listed as one of the most challenging in the country. But if you have previous 4WD experience and enjoy a challenge, you can take on the high country hills with confidence( which hubby mine has in spades 🤩)

There are a few things to consider when taking on the track and the surrounding area of Alpine National Park including the track’s conditions….
We came here with all intentions of doing this track again… but this mornings skies did not give us much hope….

The track begins at the intersection of Wonnangatta Road and Billy Goat Bluff track in the Alpine National Park, near Dargo. The Billy Goat Bluff track difficulty level is high. It’s considered one of the hardest drives not only in Victoria but all of Australia. For good reason, the Billy Goat Bluff track is listed as one of Australia’s most dangerous and challenging roads. The track is extremely narrow and edged with cliff faces, making passing oncoming vehicles a challenge.

We decided to at least drive to the head of the track and make a decision from there …. The skies cleared up enough for sometime & so we bit the bullet and let the air down from the tyres & turned on the Diff Locks … engaged 4 wheel drive & headed onto the track ….

We managed the track to the helipad which is the halfway point and only place to turn around …. We did turn back as the skies started doing very ominous things …
Happy that we were able to tackle the track once again ❤️


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  1. Rather you than me. I get car sick on windy roads unless it’s me driving and that wouldn’t be happening on that track. I’m finding the narrow, winding, hedgerow edged country roads here in Dorset scary enough.
    However, if it’s your thing, it must be a thrill.

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